Areas of Practice

Sato Law offers full legal representation or legal support [unbundled legal services] in the following family law areas: divorce or dissolution, custody, child support, domestic violence or stalking protective orders, and premarital agreements.

When filing for divorce, you will be faced with multiple issues such as asset division, custody, and child support. Sato Law will help you realize your goals within the bounds of the law, guiding you through the complex, often stressful judicial system.

Protective Orders:
Whether due to domestic violence, stalking, or another reason, Sato Law is able to assist you in filing for a protective order, and represent you in court in order to have it approved.
Help is available.
National Domestic abuse hotline: (800) 799-7233
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:

Premarital Agreements:
Sato Law is able to assist you in creating a premarital agreement. Although unromantic, a prenup can often spare much of the emotional and monetary stress that comes should you decide to divorce, or dissolve your marriage.

Full legal representation:
Sato Law will act as your legal representative in your case. We will offer guidance step by step through the legal process, working towards achieving your goals and informing them.

Unbundled legal services:
With our legal support services, we offer the chance for legal counsel without taking on a long-term role as your legal representative. Instead, you may request counsel or assistance on specific issues, such as reviewing court papers, legal research and analysis, or preparing you for a court appearance.

Domestic Partnerships:
Sato Law will represent you in the termination of a domestic partnership. Including but not limited to the distribution of assets in a domestic partnership case.